The purpose of transmission of war information through the spread of knowledge

There is no strict definition of the game at the moment. At the same time, Games is using the game as a network application to carry out network entertainment. The characteristic of stimulating fun determines that Games is a form of network information transmission based on personal knowledge resources (including ideas, experiences, etc.). Therefore, the basic problem of developing a free open shop is to master, learn and make effective use of knowledge in a certain field, and to achieve the purpose of game information transmission through knowledge transmission.

The real scene reduces the dependence on other media

The application of Games in network entertainment, a new entertainment network, is a useful complement to the existing network entertainment mode, the game is part of entertainment city network entertainment strategy, in addition to general characteristics of remote simulation with network entertainment, also has its own characteristics, through bonuses, entertainment city timely release more information is beneficial to reduce the chess, for other media dependence.

Screening within the prescribed time of use and use conditions

In order to obtain the Games attractive to many new ideas, creative games obtained were selected by screening, will focus on those attractive plans to do further analysis, reliability refers to the game in a specified period of time use and use conditions, exert its function, reliability is an important indicator to measure game quality.

Find out the most promising and successful ideas in many game ideas

Screening should be from the company’s mission and potential game player perspective in the evaluation, a tired, Games needs to evaluate the total success rate, screening process is essentially a “filter”, many from the record to find out the most promising core idea, for the distinctive shape of strong, Games out of the ordinary, and the vivid image transferred to the game player, the game player identity.

A scene that wins universal welcome by consumers

Games emphasizes the dialectical and the strength of their own position in the game player game on the basis to formulate development plans and create a luxurious style, to adapt to their own development organization, Games easy to use the strong momentum of entertainment city is multiplayer games to expand the share, win the favor of consumers a scene, and can take the business entertainment city the road.

The theoretical system thinking mode of the motive force of the entertainment city’s progress

The human based principle refers to the theoretical system of Games, based on human resources, by exploring the enthusiasm and creativity of human beings as the motive force of the progress of the entertainment city. The people involved include both managers and employees in the entertainment city, as well as the vast number of consumers. In establishing a correct and clear concept, Games carries out a series of dialectical thinking modes, such as starting from reality, looking at problems in an all-round way, and dealing with problems dynamically.

Games’s enthusiasm and creative consumer service

Stimulate the Games dealer’s enthusiasm and creativity, to “people-oriented” concept, namely the behavior of Games is the entertainment city people’s behavior, people cannot put aside the isolation design of city entertainment activities; on the other hand should reflect the consumer centric, consumer services, consumer satisfaction with the content, the city entertainment behavior closely with the accessible object of interest linked together, make the game plan is beneficial to cultivate the loyal group of game player.

The game center that players like and support in Southeast Asia

The same channel level make the distribution of the geographic location of the channel bangue surface impact is greater. The money should be properly opened each other’s space, do not appear in district or regional sales and overlapping, avoid channel conflict, as the expansion of the effective coverage of the channel, the Southeast Asia game player are love and support, become a incomparable Games center.

The assessment of the face of the game is also a comprehensive assessment of the above factors

Entertainment city is current we Taiwan mainland’s most influential companies, from the establishment of construction has been favored by many Games player who support, according to the actual situation of different entertainment city, the game improved gameplay variety, the following are some specific game play: improved game brings the market to cover more, in short, evaluation of game cover also need comprehensive evaluation over the various influencing factors.